Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Duh, what a week :3

Nah should not showing that, it suppose to be Crying face

Assignments and grouping are always troubled me a lot.

Hopefully this semester full coursework JAVA II will go well <3 LOL

Sometimes we need to be honest between us. Among two of us only, then it should be very very very enough and wins all of those craps <3 Yet, sometimes I can’t really, or maybe I don’t read minds so I need times to digest your antenna, your signals Smile with tongue out Might be quite a difficulty for me </3 Just that I want you to know I love you <3 heh~What else greater than my love for you~awww! Too dramatic :X LOL! It’s true! It’s all true! Heh~

Gah~my friends Sad smile

Don’t know why, some of them had changed so badly recently and becoming more to like making a distance between us, not only me but all of our members. I don’t give a damn about all these things actually but then because of so-called “BROTHER” xD How can I forget about our BROTHERLY LOVE?! LOL!

Guys, maybe of some misunderstanding between us, among each another but then it can be solve IF someone stood out and solve it of course Smile with tongue out Who’s the one? You guys decide yourself. xD I wanna be the one who can resolve all of these mistakes and misunderstanding but then I can’t because I really don’t know the actual stories behind it although I knew it’s just a misunderstanding.

Tomorrow will going for another gathering since I missed out a lot of the “GATHERING” though but then tomorrow will be great hopefully Smile with tongue out Really missed the time yum cha xD Tons of things to crap and bullshiit about Smile with tongue out See ya guys xD

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Good day Commander!

Well, This semester starts pretty well though Smile With a nice timetable yet same joking-around classmates did make my day! Unfortunately I’m very worried about the grouping about the assignments though. They are all quite a good member yet SOME are very super terrible. –..- IS DAM FKING TERRIBLE and I don’t want to end up with – team up with’em for the reason of balancing the class’s power :X

Forgive me for the lack of bombastic words LOL!

LAME! It’s too lame! Everyday at home. Quite a boring routine too ~.~ but then it’s good to have time spent with assignments and homeworks especially my JAVA 2 Smile For Tamadum Islam…really is TMD serious-shiit Open-mouthed smile LOL!

~.~ hopefully can get CGPA 3.5 and above from semester to another semester Open-mouthed smile HAHAHAHA!

I’m writing all these of sudden because of another reason. I felt nowadays friends are getting changes. From their attitude and also behavior and I don’t really understand or maybe I’m so so so outdated :X LOL!

Friends changes because they are busy for their studies or work Smile Glad to heard those from them Smile Haha! How busy am I? Anyhow, no matter what kind of stress it can be for me, yet I can’t give up my games HAHAHAHAH!! GAME GAME GAME!

Tsk tsk tsk~<3

For me to get rid of games, I rather to drink tea :X YUM CHA with friends bah Smile Can talk can crap shiit can do shiit things and so on Open-mouthed smile I love to talk with them, not to talk but then listen will do more Smile 

HAHAHA! So! When’s the next time we hanging around and yum cha around?! Can give me a call?! Open-mouthed smile LOL!